madgwick carriage masters

Our Horses

At Madgwick Carriage Masters we do not use any old horses and DEFINITLEY NOT cart horses, we pride ourselves on the quality of our horses, handsome FRIESIAN STALLIONS. We do not use geldings because only STALLIONS retain the black glossy coats the breed is renowned for, and our elegant grey SPANISH ANDULUCIANS, the horse to be seen on for the royal familys of Europe throughout history our FRIESIAN STALLIONS and ANDULUCIANS have been selected by ourselves at 3 yrs old from the finest stud farms in Holland and spain, we then school and train our horses from fresh for a year before they go to work. They are all part of our team and are well looked after and kept very happy. We are always delighted for people to come and view our stables and say hello.

Prices start at £550 for weddings and £350 for proms and other occassions, please email us for more information.

madgwick carriage masters
madgwick carriage masters

Wedding Carriages

We offer a range of wedding horse drawn carriages on your special day.

From £550


Funeral Carriages

We offer a Madgwick Horse-Drawn Funeral Hearse Service to give a loved one a final farewell.


Special Occasions

 We offer elegant horse drawn carriages for all occasions including: Proms, Birthdays, and Anniversaries.

From £350