madgwick carriage masters

Our White Glass Carriage

This beautiful carriage is unique, specially commissioned by us and built to our specifications for the perfect wedding carriage, this brilliant gloss white carriage has white leather buttoned seats, and room for 4.

The carriage is suitable for all weather conditions and seasons of the year, it has glass windows all round, and when the sun is shining the windows can be removed completely so your able to have the benefit off an open carriage without the downside off having your wedding day hairstyle blown away, making this carriage the PERFECT WEDDING CARRIAGE!

Prices start at £550 for weddings and £350 for proms and other occassions, please email us for more information.

madgwick carriage masters
madgwick carriage masters

Wedding Carriages

We offer a range of wedding horse drawn carriages on your special day.

From £550


Funeral Carriages

We offer a Madgwick Horse-Drawn Funeral Hearse Service to give a loved one a final farewell.


Special Occasions

 We offer elegant horse drawn carriages for all occasions including: Proms, Birthdays, and Anniversaries.

From £350